Discover How to Make

Discover How
to Make

$10,000 a Month or More 

With Your Own Mobile BBQ Business!

From Derrick Wood,

From Derrick Wood,

Creator of the Mobile BBQ Business university

Creator of the Mobile BBQ Business Masterclass

Dear Fellow BBQ Master,

Have a knack for making great-tasting barbecue? Have others ever told you that you should be selling your delicious creations?

Well, maybe you should! The small business newsletter CHRON estimates that a mobile barbecue business could earn over $30,000 a month, which would mean, after paying expenses and overhead, a yearly income for the business owner of more than $100,000!

How would you like to make six figures doing something you love? Plus, according to the same article in CHRON you could make that amount of money working only four days a week!

What could be better than that? I’ve seen the power of this marketplace for myself. 

I opened my own BBQ business back in 2011 and my earnings have long since passed my wildest expectations.

Through catering, pop-up sales and attendance at various “mom and pop” events, BBQ festivals, county fairs and roadside food truck sales, I’ve seen my earnings soar past that six figure mark.

Along the way I’ve also won cash and prizes in a number of BBQ competitions. For example, I was named Manassas Bands Brews and BBQ Champion; I’m the two time Dumfries Champion; and that’s just a few of the many prizes I’ve received.

In fact, I’ve been so successful that I’m routinely approached by others for tips on how to succeed with their own mobile BBQ business.
That’s what led me to create Mobile BBQ Business University. Now you can learn everything you need to know to create and profit from your own mobile BBQ business in one convenient place.

Since I’ve done this myself, I feel uniquely qualified to “show you the ropes” and help you get started as fast as possible while avoiding costly mistakes.

Who is This Course For?

Who is This Course For?

This course is for BBQ enthusiasts who want to start profiting off their delicious food. It’s also for cooks who know they have a great product but don’t know how to take that next step and turn it into a real profit-generating business.

The bottom line is if you want to make money – lots of money – doing something your love (cooking delicious BBQ) then this is the course for you!

And you couldn’t be getting started at a better time! After the hardship of the recent pandemic, people are looking to get out and spending money on great-tasting barbecue is one of their favorite things to do.

QSR Magazine recently reported that barbecue is continuing to grow rapidly in popularity. The magazine said “95% of Americans say they enjoy barbecue and almost one-third of them eat BBQ every week.”

Now you can learn how to get your mobile BBQ business up and running without having to go through a costly and frustrating trial and error process.

In this course, I’ll walk you through the entire business building process from how to raise funding to how to grow it bigger and bigger.

Imagine being able to make money doing something fun. You can sell your food at fairs and festivals and you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule as well.

With your own mobile BBQ business you can be your own boss. You can set your hours and decide when and where and how much you want to work. It’s a dream lifestyle with the potential to produce a true dream income and basically anyone with a talent for cooking BBQ can do it!

Find Out What it Really Takes to Succeed
With a BBQ Business Today!

As we noted above, people today are eager to purchase and eat great-tasting BBQ. Of course, if it was as simple as being able to cook delicious BBQ there would be a lot more successful mobile BBQ businesses than there are. 
You also have to understand the business side or else you are doomed to fail.
In Mobile BBQ Business University, you’ll learn:
  • How to establish your own niche within the BBQ market so that you stand out and attract business like crazy
  • The fastest, easiest way to get started – including how to raise funding if you need it
  • How to price your food to sell without “leaving money on the table” by charging less than people would be willing to pay
  • How to gain attention and get your BBQ known so that your sales soar in no time
  • How to market and brand your business so that people trust you and want to buy from you
  • How to develop the mindset you need to open your own business and succeed
  • How to handle the administrative and legal side of having a business – don’t worry I’ll eliminate any possible confusion and tell you exactly what you need to do
  • What equipment you need to get your business off the ground and how to pay for it
  • Tips for getting into popular fairs – plus, how to create additional income streams for your business … for example, by selling T-shirts, rubs, sauces, cookbooks and more

You are going to be excited at how easy this all is to do thanks to this course.

I’ve gone through all the “trial and error” and “learn as you go” part for you. 

Now you can learn from me what to do and what mistakes to avoid to provide your BBQ business with the best chance for success.

Since I’ve experienced this myself I know exactly what needs to be done and I am going to share everything I’ve learned with you.

Not only that but I’m also going to simplify the process so that you can achieve your goals quicker and easier than I did. 

I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for how to get started. I’ll also show you the best way to not just grow your business but also create additional income streams.

You won’t be left on your own to figure everything out by yourself. 

Instead you will have a complete blueprint to follow to turn your dream of having a successful, highly profitable mobile BBQ business into reality.

Introducing Mobile
BBQ Business university!

Sign up now and get immediate access to 5 modules.
  • Module #1 – Before You Start Your Fire … an $399 value!
  • Module #2 – Starting the Fire … an $399 value!
  • Module #3 – Now You’re Smoking … an $399 value!
  • Module #4 – Branding & Marketing … an $399 value!
  • Module #5 – Building Multiple Streams of Income … an $399 value!

But if you sign up today you only pay $1,497! 
Plus you get $2,000 worth of bonuses below!!

That’s more than 60% Off!
But you must hurry! Enrollment at this low price is limited to just 100. When that limit is hit the price will rise!

Don’t miss this chance to learn all about running a profitable mobile BBQ business. Thanks to the rapid growth that is occurring in this marketplace there is a real opportunity to profit right now. 

Plus, if you wait too long someone else in your area may take advantage of this offer and “beat you to the punch” – taking control of your market before you even have a chance. Don’t let someone else earn those five figure monthly profits you could be earning!

Here’s What is Included in this master course:

Module #1

Before You Start Your Fire

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to dream big and then turn your BBQ dream into reality step by easy step
  • How to quickly build the solid foundation your new business needs to be successful over the long run – including how to get a temporary food service license, a catering license and much more
  • Three fantastic ways to raise funds for your business – all three of these methods are proven effective use the one that is best for you or use all three to get even more money
  • ​How to find your niche and appeal to your target audience

Module #2

Starting Your Fire

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to get started – including where to source your meats, paper goods and more … plus, how to accept payments and build an attention-grabbing social media profile
  • How to set up your business to maximize your success – find out how to use signage, how to layout your business, how to create a menu and more
  • How to create a daily routine to take full advantage of your time
  • ​How to identify and secure the best locations – including at fairs and festivals, roadside and more

Module #3

Now You’re Smoking 

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to hire help that will actually be a benefit to your business instead of a drain – plus, how to delegate and build a culture of success
  • How to develop a quality control system that guarantees your customers always get the very best and keep coming back to you to buy again and again
  • ​What you need to know about food prep to ensure food safety and keep customers coming back
  • ​How to excel at catering – find out what equipment you need, how to price your offerings, how to staff and more

Module #4

Branding & Marketing

Here you’ll learn:
  •  How to connect with customers – find out why you should always respond to both praise and criticism as well as how to do it to foster more sales
  • How to use social media to grow your business – don’t use social media? Don’t worry, I’ll simplify the process and make it easy for you to do!
  • ​How to get the right logo and other marketing materials that will help you stand out no matter how crowded the marketplace 
  • ​How to develop a promotion strategy that increases your business without costing you vital earnings

Module #5

Building Multiple Streams of Income

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to develop, bottle and sell your own signature sauce
  • How to put your logo on T-shirts and other merchandise so that you increase your profits and also your exposure
  • ​How to start offering your own BBQ classes and cookbooks 
  • ​How to expand with your own delivery service – find out how to take advantage of GrubHub, UberEats, Doordash and more for additional profits

access to the university Also Includes:

Weekly Group Coaching Calls (4 per Month)

– Here you’ll get additional expert advice from me on how to get your BBQa business started and earning profits. Plus, you can ask me and my team specific questions to overcome any roadblocks you may encounter.

exclusive bonus group training session w/q&a ($997 Value)

– Here you’ll get additional expert advice from me on how to get your BBQa business started and earning profits. Plus, you can ask me and my team specific questions to overcome any roadblocks you may encounter.

Private Facebook Group Access ($997 Value)

– Gain access to our Facebook group where you can get even more valuable information and tips! Plus, you can interact with fellow Mobile BBQ Business University students who are eager to support and encourage you on your journey. They could even serve as accountability partners to ensure you stay on track for program completion.

Plus, Sign Up Now & Receive These Free Bonus Gifts:

Plus, Sign Up Now & Receive These Free Bonus Gifts:

– a $997 Value

At these sold-out events I go in-depth on starting a mobile BBQ business and give even more advice and tips for success. You’ll come away with not just a wealth of BBQ business knowledge but also the motivation to go out and turn your dreams into reality!

Coveted Checklists 

– a $500 Value

Get my coveted checklist to make sure your mobile restaurant is set up and ready to go!

How to Pick the Right Festival Video

– a $199 Value

This video will give you all the tips to pick the right festivals to show case and sell your unique cuisine!

A Guide of chatgpt prompts to build your business plan

– a $97 Value

This guide makes it simple to finish your business plan in a fraction of the time. Have a step-by-step roadmap for success. Make money from doing something you love!

Free Copy of My Book “Building Business Credit

– a $30 Value

You will learn step by step how to business build credit tied NOT to your social security number but with your federal employer identification number. Understanding everything from beginning vendors to revolving credit and how to use business credit for real estate, cash flow control, startups, vehicle financing, marketing, and every business expense you have or may have.
That’s a total Value of $3,991

But act now and you can get it all for just $1,497!

What Others Are Saying About My Training:

With My 30-day coach's
Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely
Nothing to Lose!

I am so sure that you will love the Mobile BBQ Business Course that I am offering a 30-day coach's guarantee!!

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I just ask that you show that you've completed the course and taken action on it!

If you don't make your money back after showing my team and I that you took action then we'll offer you 30 days of free coaching ($10,000 Value)!

You really do have nothing to lose – and access to a world of great BBQ business tips and information to gain!

Now is a Great Time to Start a BBQ Business!

As we discussed, barbecue is very popular right now. By starting a mobile business instead of a brick and mortar business, you can position yourself to tap into that demand without spending a fortune.

In this Coures, we fully explain the best way to get started and how to grow your business over time – including how to create multiple income streams off of it.
So now the decision is yours:
Ignore your dream and your talent and continue on in a job you don’t like …

Or sign up for Mobile BBQ Business University and learn exactly what you need to do to make money with your very mobile BBQ business. 

You’ll receive proven success strategies and business-building tips that will allow you to achieve success as fast as possible.

The modules cover all aspects of the business – from the best way to get started to raising funds to what equipment you need to how to market your business and much, much more.

This course erases stressful uncertainty and shows you what to do step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access to Mobile BBQ Business University?

You will enjoy lifetime access to the course and materials. That way anytime you need to refresh your understanding of a topic or to get advice in a certain area you can log in and access the course.

How Long Does the Course Take to Complete?

Most students are able to complete it within six weeks. However, you can go as fast or slow as you want – it’s totally up to you!

Does This Course Include a Money-Back Guarantee?

The course comes with a 30-day coach's guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I just ask that you show that you've completed the course and taken action on it! If you don't make your money back after showing my team and I that you took action, then we'll offer you 30 days of free coaching ($10,000 Value)!

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